Eric Holder today announced in a statement published prior to comments made today in the Los Angeles Times, that the 9/11 Terrorists will be tried by military tribunal at Guantanamo. You all might remember that one of Obama’s “pledges” was to close Guantanamo within 18 months of his ascendency./ Clearly and fortunately, that never happened. Holder’s announcement came with evidence of sour grapes, considering he wanted them tried in a Federal Court in New York, complaining that Congress had interfered with his choice of venue. In truth Congress did vote to defund any trials of terrorists that would not use the Gitmo venue. One has to question, however, Holder’s motives in stating that he had complete confidence in the Federal justice system. After all, he was obsessed with not getting justice involved with the Black Panthers who clearly on video interfered with and aggressively attempted to influence, by intimidation some Philadelphians’ choice for president other than Obama.

This decision to try the defendants, some or all who have admitted guilt, at Guantanamo is a justification of the majority of the desires of those who lost loved ones in the massacre at the Twin Towers by Islamic Terrorists (Holder has a problem saying those words) on September 11, 2001. To have their trial in lower Manhattan so close to the World Trade Center would be no different in allowing the building of a mosque within meters of the tragedy. Both would be an affront upon the sensitivities and desires of the American people. Upon the electorates removal of Obama from office in 2012, all of the dregs( def: crap in the bottom of the barrel) he has put into place by nomination or subterfuge will be removed as well. That time could not come too soon.

Obama has “kicked” off his pursuit of re-election. Reports have it that he has a bank account of $1 Million dollars. I doubt if each idiot who voted for him donated a buck, so how much has come from Libya, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey and Dubai to solidify their position with our muslim president?


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