democrats seem to get bogged down with their talking points, mainly because they have nothing of value to say. The latest example is that of chuck E.(EVIL) schumer who was overheard on a live phone conversation promoting the use of extremist when it came to Republicans. This is just another example of how juvenile this EVIL person is. He has given us normal Americans so many more examples in the past. harry E.(EVIL) reid has also added his 2 sense (he doesn’t appear to be blessed with more……I wrote sense purposely), by continuing his diatribe about the TEA PARTY. It is wishful thinking on his part, since he is so in a PANIC about it to condemn it as a passing fad. This passing fad, harry E. ,should remove most of the democrats from Congress in 2012. Now we come to nancy E (EVIL) pelosi. You remember her as the individual who asked the American people to “trust” her as to the content of her EVIL Health Care bill.

The EVIL democrats have given us Obamacare (forced down our throats) which has already ratcheted up the cost of health insurance, caused quality physicians to flee the medicare system (guess what we have left?) And YES THERE IS A DEATH PANEL and 427 more pages of regulations for a disaster that must be defunded now.

harry E (EVIL) pelosi (they are interchangeable and culpable) along with Obama reportedly stole $105 Billion from the American people only to hide it in Obamacare which was not supposed to be funded until 2014

harry E.(EVIL) pelosi promoted Cap and Trade based UPON A LIE REGARDING GLOBAL WARMING and supported by H*O*L*L*Y*W*O*O*D which felt it was their liberal duty to provide A.Gore with an academy ward for his propaganda movie that had no basis in fact.

harry E.(EVIL) pelosi have obstructed any chance to produce a balanced budget, and have attempted unsuccessfully to deflect fault to Republicans by calling them extremists. The EVIL democrats do not want to anger or lose their base of entitled people, illegal aliens or minorities whom they have promised free goodies to.
I guess the media missed those.

harry E.(EVIL) pelosi along with all of the other EVIL democrats in Congress have blocked with the help of our socialist minded president our ability to rid ourselves of dependence on foreign oil.

harry E.(EVIL) pelosi have done nothing, along with our illegals lovin president to secure our southern borders from illegal mexicans, gun runners, drug runners or even terrorists. I guess the media missed those.

harry E.(EVIL) reid has obstructed the normal democratic process in Congress by time and again refusing to bring Republican sponsored bills to the floor for vote. I guess the media missed that one.

A quiz: what do the dates 12/2/1939 (age 72), 3/26/1940 (age 70), and 11/23/1950 (age 61), have in common?
Answer: these are the birthdays of h. (EVIL) reid, n. (EVIL) pelosi and c. (EVIL) schumer and represents God’s little joke on the American people. It did not work out too well.
If you have not already figured out my repetitive use of the word EVIL, it stands as a counterpoint to the idiotic choice of schumer using extremist as a campaign word against Republicans. Bad choice, Chuckie……………thinking Americans are too smart to fall for that…………


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