The good thing about television is that when Alan Colmes, Schumer, Weiner or Barney Fwank appear on my screen, I exercise my democratic (small d) right and turn down the sound or change the channel. In Colmes’ case, I must change the channel in order to avoid indigestion. Not only is Colmes the most blatantly partisan choice of TV guest, he is one of the most unattractive people I have ever seen on TV. I include him with weiner, schumer and fwank because what he places on the table is hardly different from the propaganda they spew in defense of their defenseless opinions. Is there one democrat who will be man enough to admit that the democratic party and Obama has provided less than the leadership expected at all levels? My apologies to Monica Crowley, a great conservative who unfortunately is related by marriage to Colmes. Actually she didn’t marry Colmes, her sister did.

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