H.G. Wells’ “Time Machine” was published in 1895. When the protagonist went back into time, he arrived at a world filled with blonde, blue-eyed Eloi and the Morlocks, a group of sniveling, disgusting beings that lived for the most part below the earth’s surface, only to periodically come above to torment the Folks. Wells’ literary prophecy has come true with the assumption of power by Obama and the Liberals (contemporary Morlocks) willing and able to oppress the current day Eloi, the people of the United States. H.G. Wells world was indeed a Nanny State, such as the kind Obama would like America to become. Did I say like? He is obsessed with it.

The Morlock in charge of Energy has the name of Steven Chu, who believes that it would be good for this country if the cost of gasoline was in line with that of Europe, about $7-$10 per gallon, thus in his very simple/peculiar mind usage would be drastically reduced. Now the Head Morlock, Obama has stated that he feels for the Folks who are now paying almost on average, $4 per gallon, but in the same breath says he plans to reduce the dependence on foreign oil considerably without increased drilling here in the U.S. Instead, he would rely on corn/ethanol, costly and inefficient, solar panels, costly and inefficient, and windmills, costly and inefficient. I had a hell of a time trying to tie a windmill to the top of my SUV. His other idiotic solution is to build more electric cars to go along with his electric trains. The problem is we get 40% of our electricity from coal, an industry upon which Obama, in his divine wisdom (He Is Divine, Right?) has placed costly restrictions. He calls it clean coal. Perhaps a trip down deep into some coal mine might be in order for this man who looks in his mirror daily and asks “who is the greatest?”. Sorry Barry…..Ali asked first…….He Is……You are definitely not.

Obama, is still axing the Folks to tighten their/our belts. Perhaps your administration could tighten its belt by firing most of the trash he has put into place in positions of importance as czars and advisers, have all who are left, take a cut in pay and give back all that illegal lobby money, and get rid of idiots like Chu who has no comprehension of reality what so ever.

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