The recession and potential inflation created and fueled by Obama’s naivety, lack of leadership and poor judgment calls at all levels, have caused the American people to tighten their belts and make sacrifices, and they have responded out of duty and necessity. American families have lost their homes because of the continued underhanded policies of mortgage lending institutions supported by this government. Hence there is a glut of homes on the market leading to a 16.9% drop in the resale of homes. American families have been called upon to purchase untested hybrid cars at phenomenal prices in an attempt to offset the rising prices of fuel, because of Obama’s refusal to drill for oil here, while using our tax payer dollars to advance the cause of Brazil’s oil industry. Obama’s on and off bro George Soros allegedly owns a significant share of that market). As an aside, it is worth mentioning that Obama’s great mastery of diplomacy was shunned when Brazil refused to vote for the bombing of Libya, once our “great non-communicator” left Brazilian airspace. American families have sacrificed to have enough money to purchase gasoline to get to their workplaces, lest some might become part of the rising unemployed. The latter numbers have reportedly been fudged by the administration’s office of convenient information (Propaganda) to make 8.9% unemployment look real when it is significantly higher. American families have been called on to lose their health care because of Obama’s persistent agenda to re-create an already failed European Health care system here in a socialized America. American families are already paying higher health care premiums because of the administrations pressure on the insurance industry and the illogical number of waivers provided to unions and other Obama bros to avoid the restrictive policies of Obamacare.

American members of the National Guard have sacrificed time away from family, their jobs and in many cases their lives for this country. American members of the military have sacrificed their lives in defense of the rights and privileges that Obama would easily remove as he tears apart the U.S. Constitution with the assistance of leftist federal judges and ultra liberal justices he has appointed to the Supreme Court. American families have sacrificed their sons and daughters to the cause of freedom. The manner in which the CIA ,FBI and Justice Department are able to do the jobs assigned, has been sacrificed and limited by restrictions applied by leftist liberals in this country. American families have been forced to allow leftist liberal educators re-write history, negatively influencing our children who deserve better. American families have been sacrificing tax dollars to fund union bosses who interfere with the removal of inadequate teachers under the guise of tenure.

What have the Obama’s sacrificed? I don’t believe they have limited the number of parties at the White House, some in honor of people who would do us harm. Obama has not reduced his basketball or golf games to spend more time at the job for which he was erroneously elected. The Obama’s have not given up trips out of the country, supposedly in support of international relations. (Certainly, Copenhagen in quest of the Olympics for Chicago was in the nations best interest?). Obama has not sacrificed or curtailed his use of Air Force One, to politic for policies that will further only his agenda and not for the good of this country at the tax payer’s expense. Have the Obama’s made a sacrifice by no longer bringing in chefs from their beloved Chicago for pizza parties for their children. Have the Obama’s decided to remove their children from an expensive private school and enroll them in a charter school? Has Ms. Obama sacrificed and curtailed her vacations out of the country with forty or more of her friends at our expense? President and Ms. O have done none of the above. At least it has not been publicized that they have. Should not Obama fire the massive excess baggage we are currently paying for, known as THE CZARS AND CZARINAS THAT ADVISE HIM? Perhaps Obama should sacrifice a good part of his unjustified ego and excessive entitlements, and agree to the budget that the Republicans have called for, in addition to the illicit $105 Billions dollars Pelosi and Reid sneaked into Obamacare.



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