Ancient Libya, believed to have first been inhabited by a people from Asia, more than likely looks little different from it does now. Originally a land of cattle domestication and agriculture, most of this failed with great droughts the area was forced to endure, but captured by Rome in 106 B.C., it became a prosperous Roman province, enjoying most of the culture that Roman brought with it such as language forums and the legal system. During this time, the main export was olive oil. As the Roman Empire began to collapse under the weight of its excesses, Arabs invaded and took control this vast area known then as Tripoli. Once again prosperity boomed, but eventually the area experienced economic collapse. Tribes of Bedouin from Egypt came to the land with an army of thousands of people setting up squatter’s rights, the ancestors of whom most likely occupy the current tribal areas of modern Libya.

The Ottoman Empire ruled from 1551 to 1911. During the early part of its rule, piracy was a norm with Tripoli its base. The pirate Barbarossa had captured Tripoli earlier in 1510, hence the name of the area being called the Barbary coast. This area of Africa was divided and re-divided during Ottoman rule. In 1810, the Pasha demanded more tribute from the United States to insure the protection of U.S. commerce and shipping. James Monroe, refusing to pay any more tribute, sent the navy to blockade the port of Tripoli, ending, for the most part piracy on the high seas. With the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, bot Egypt and Tripoli became independent.

With the end of the war, the Kingdom of Libya was established and remained intact from 1951 to 1969, when a 28-year-old military officer names Gaddafi took control of the government by force and has remained in power to date, hence the current revolution in Libya, in which we have now involved ourselves. Having rid itself of the Jewish doctors, lawyers and other business people, there were barely any literate people left in Libya, where 5% of the population was blinded from trachoma. When Gaddafi abolished the monarchy, the only Libyan export was oil found in 1955 and terrorism by the madman who ruled the country with an iron fist. Gaddafi formed the Libyan Arab Republic ruled by the Revolutionary Command whose motto was freedom, socialism and unity. It pledged to take a role in the Palestinian Arab cause to promote Arab unity, encourage those domestic policies based upon SOCIAL JUSTICE, NON-EXPLOITATION AND RE-DISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH. (DOES ANY OF THIS SOUND FAMILIAR? IF NOT LOOK AT OBAMA’S SPEECHES ONCE AGAIN)

Invaded by Italy in 1911 and occupied by Mussolini’s fascist regime until 1943, Tripoli, once again enjoyed the culture of the conquerors who built roads, and established businesses that thrived because of the people’s pacifism and acceptance of fascist domination. During the latter stages of World War II as the allies liberated North Africa, severe anti-Jewish violence erupted with murder, and the burning of Jewish businesses, synagogues and communities. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the president who most Jews illogically considered their friend, agreed to a pact that since the Jews made up only a small percentage of the inhabitants, they would be limited as to business and how many physicians, lawyers and engineers might be allowed. This added to the persecution of the Jews who eventually fled to the newly founded state of Israel. For this and so many other reasons, such as F.D.R. ‘s refusal to allow the ship St.Louis to disembark its Jewish passengers in an American port, it was forced to return to Europe where the Nazi’s caught and slaughtered them. No F.D.R. was NOT A FRIEND TO THE JEWS, most of whom are still democrats because of a misguided sense of loyalty.

Gaddafi continued to export his form of terrorism until Ronald Reagan ordered the bombing of Libya in 1986, after which the despot tried to improve his image. He has continued to so with the hiring of Cass Sonnstein and his wife Samantha Power, who for some unknown reason is one of Obama’s chief advisors and reportedly was the instigator of the action Obama finally took with regard to the war he call something else. Power is Irish-born and emigrated here as a child. She has educated herself in the best of colleges and universities and holds a position at Harvard (where else?). Could one be called a racist to ask if she has U.S. citizenship? So, we have two of Obama’s Czars connected through marriage to one another who had been allegedly working to improve Gaddafi’s image at his financial bequest, driving the KINETIC LIMITED WHATEVER………..NO IT IS WAR! on Libya without the consent of Congress. SOME ONE SHOULD LOOK INTO WHETHER OR NOT THIS IS AN IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE. GOD KNOWS THERE HAVE BEEN SO MANY MORE WITH THIS PRESIDENT. OH AND THE LIBERAL MEDIA HAS FAILED TO FIND THIS NEWSWORTHY ENOUGH TO REPORT. OBAMA SAID “NO U.S. BOOTS ON THE GROUND”. DO SPECIAL FORCES COUNT AS BOOTS ON THE GROUND? LIES AND MORE LIES…………….


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