In wake of the tragedy that has befallen Japan, our questionable intervention in Libya, and the serious economic issues that we as Americans must deal with, we must not ignore,(as Obama would like) the continuing downside of Obamacare. Berwick, Obama’s choice of a human(?) to oversee Medicare and Medicaid was a poor one for America but a good one for Obama, since Berwick, an euthanasist, would be lock step with the current philosophy of denying life to those he or his panel as appointed by the head of Health and Human Services determined undeserving. Yes, AMERICA, THERE IS A DEATH PANEL albeit disguised by a politically correct name. Not only will appointments for most Americans to visit their doctors be delayed but ultimate treatments, medications and surgeries could and will be denied based upon historical cost effectiveness. Obama’s false claim that you would be able to keep your own doctors has already been exposed as untrue. People who might be in need of Hip, heart, or knee replacements for he most part will be denied. Will any member of Congress who voted for this obscene bill not challenge a Death Panel decision when it involved their own family? I would doubt that very much.

What is it that some Americans, still so involved with Obama’s false promises do not comprehend? Will they be willing to sacrifice their own families on the altar of HOPE and CHANGE? That will never happen. Could they not just understand the issues now in an non-partisan way, that might provide a clear understanding. This is not an issue of Right vs. Left or Democrats vs. Republicans, it is an issue of survival of your immediate family and how Obamacare will really impact upon all of them. I am a physician , now retired, who gains nothing from what I write other, perhaps than the fact that I might have educated some of you regarding what you currently accept as the TRUTH. I find Berwick objectionable as a physician, taught to heal (DO NO HARM), in his case children. How could any man involved with Pediatrics be willing to be part of the potential destruction of a life of a child if it was not deemed cost-effective? It would appear that he like Obama is without shame. None of what Obama says is the TRUTH regarding health care. Everything he has spoken has been lies. Just look at how Socialized medicine has adversely impacted upon England and France, where these countries are trying desperately to extract themselves from a costly, unsubstantiated system. Soon Canada will understand when they factor in all of the data that will show the low-cost of health vs the high cost of death from cancer and heart disease in a system that Berwick finds acceptable. When will the people of Canada who believe their health care is free (it is not) get what they pay for. Perhaps the people whom Obama has placed in high position should have to undergo a concise psychiatric exam to determine if they are sane enough to act as consultants. The vetting of Obama people has been lax and unrealistic.

A year has gone by since the enactment of a law destined to destroy the American Health Care system. Americans must challenge their representatives to first admit they have or have never read the bill, explain every page as it affects the health care of Americans, and not allow them side step questions. Mainly democrats are involved but Republicans must take the lead in seeking repeal.

Those of us against Obamacare are not dim-witted, or ultra partisan, or against Obama because he is black or a democrat,since we have thought this all out as all of you should have, and not just be all accepting of this non-messiah, incapable of making any decision prior to moving on to his next vacation. REJECT OBAMA, REJECT OBAMACARE, and take a moment to reflect upon what might be right and wrong.


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