anthony weiner (aka TONY THE WHINER) AND alan grayson HAVE A LOT IN COMMON

It would be most apparent after Tony the Whiner’s idiotic diatribe in Congress yesterday, that he and defrocked former congressman from Disney World’s “It’s A Small World”, Alan Grayson must have been twins separated at birth. Grayson was removed (not re-elected) by former constituents who eventually saw him as an angry, hysterical individual who did not reflect the American way or the best interests of the district he represented, yet alone his state and his country. We see the same erratic behavior in weiner whose current rhetoric has become so inflammatory, that some might consider him a person who may not be fully in touch with reality. On the other hand, if weiner thinks serving in Congress is just a big joke, perhaps he should seek out Gilbert Gottfried and learn how to be a stand-up comedian in a forum that will not be hurtful to individuals, the people of New York and the country, he took an office to serve.

Weiner, who take pot shots at anyone he believes might be vulnerable is now aiming at Justice Clarence Thomas. The illogical congressman from New York will defend any and all things, no matter how stupid as proposed by the democratic party or the president in the blink of an eye. The people of New York should take a hard look at weiner’s volatility and accomplishments(????) if he is planning to run again. The people of New York rejected his candidacy for mayor. It is time he was just REJECTED.


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