CHARLES SCHUMER, HAVE YOU NO SHAME? :M.Obama writes a book that will definitely makethe NY Times best seller list.

Chuckie Schumer of NY has advocated the physical obstruction of business at gasoline stations, by promoting press conferences, thereby preventing people from doing their jobs, and for others having enough fuel in their tanks to reach their jobs. Schumer, who has been called one of the worst examples of people involved in American politics, no doubt will be first and foremost in front of any cameras, which has been his forte, of any press conferences that could attend. If there ever was anyone more narcissitic than Obama, one should look to Schumer who has been called by so many, a self-serving, purely partisan politician when it comes to meeting the needs of this country. TV viewers must be terribly tired of that leer and the smoke and mirrors as evidenced by his ever too frequent photo op appearances. Clearly that has not been true of the naive, sub-intelligent people of NY state who re-elect him.

During the Army-McCarthy hearings many years ago, Special Counsel, Joseph Welch, asked of Senator Joseph McCarthey…’HAVE YOU NO SHAME, SIR?”. Should the American people not be asking the same question of Schumer…Senator Schumer, have you no shame?

So far the democrats are against drilling for oil and natural gas, against new Nuclear facilities, against the high cost of gasoline (who isn’t?), anti-coal production (that supplies 45% of our energy), against the oil companies right to use land they own without interference from government. Let’s see what they are favor of: abortion, death panels, the public option, raising taxes so they steal more money from the people, earmarks, not balancing the budget and not reducing the debt by cutting spending, continued dependence upon foreign oil, windmills that would provide possible 1/10 of 1% of our energy needs, solar panels to boost energy and increase jobs, actually in China where most of the panels are manufactured, global warming whose menace is non-existent, printing money to drive us further down the road to inflation and civility for everyone but themselves, just to name a few.

Ms. Obama is writing a book about kitchen gardens. I hope she does well and becomes too preoccupied to continue to stick her nose in the everyday life of the American people. Some one should tell her they America IS NOT HER EXTENDED FAMILY and would like her to stay out of their kitchens, cafeterias, fast food restaurants, our homes, our schools and as the Rogers’ and Hammerstein’s King of Siam said…………..”etcetera….etcetera…….etcetera.” I do not recall any First Lady to interfere in the lives of Americans and we have had many exceptional ones. The current one will be forgotten except for what has been underlined above.

Ms. Obamas book will definitely make the NY Times best sellers list and more than likely not in the how to category. It seems that The Times suddenly reversed its previous way to categorize books when conservative writers suddenly achieved and remained close to the tops for weeks on end, and this must have unnerved their Liberal reader base or perhaps someone who be funding it in its time of financial need. Is is at all possible that George Soros might be donating to that once venerable newspaper? The conservative’s books were placed in a lesser category more in line with how to fix your toaster.


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