Our current surgeon general, Regina Benjiman, apparently has created a panic regarding the need for the drug potassium iodide, which when ingested by those who may have been exposed to radiation might decrease the chance of that individuals having to deal with thyroid cancer. The cost of this drug has soared and is being hawked on Ebay and who knows where else. With six thousand miles of ocean between the Coast of California and Japan, one must ask why the sudden need to create a panic? Obama supposedly has shown some favoritism toward building new nuclear power facilities, but he says a lot that we must treat as questionable. Such a panic would certainly go a long way to curtail the construction of new facilities, and carry us rapidly to $5.00 per gallon gasoline, something Obama would really like to see happen.

Who is this woman, confirmed by a Democratic Senate, given the rank of Three Star Vice Admiral and elevated to a position with responsibilities far greater than previously demanded of her. She is a black woman, born in Alabama and educated in New Orleans. She was in the second class of the Morehouse State School of Medicine, and after graduation worked in emergency rooms and nursing homes, until she changed her private practice of Family Medicine into a rural health clinic. To her credit she was the first and possibly the only member of her family to be accepted and graduate from medical school. The Bayou La Batre rural health clinic was unfortunately destroyed by Katrina. A Roman Catholic, she supports abortion.

I must ask the unasked and probable non-politically correct question, whether any other candidates were considered by Obama who seems to reward certain minorities with high level appointments. I have reviewed Ms. Benjiman’s written accomplishments and question whether any other candidates were in the running who might have been a better choice. I am not certain that running a rural clinic, most likely government funded was criteria enough to make the selection since this country has dropped its requirement levels to meet the inventive needs of affirmative action. This is not to say that she was not deserving, but with a heavily laden Democratic Senate, whether she was or not is moot. Affirmative action has been a failure in both lower and higher education, pumping out people who never achieved to give them a ” break” at the expense of those who excelled because they earned it just because the color of their skin might have been a shade too light. The well repeated admonition we remember in a song in West Side Story….”they were depraved because they were deprived” should carry zero weight. One must earn to receive, something that has escaped government and the social services when it comes to entitlements. Obama will nominate other minorities if he finds it politically expedient and advised by his handlers to do so if it might gather in a few more votes for the next running for the presidency.

Some of Ms. Benjiman’s critics have been concerned about the fact that she is obese and would have a hard time meeting Ms. Obama’s requirements for “good eatin”. I recall the story of a patient sitting in a physician’s office who chain smoked while advising the individual to stop smoking. This Surgeon General acts as principle adviser to Sebelius, another gem appointee without portfolio, who runs Health and Human Services and is charged with administering the greatest hoax every perpetrated upon the American people, Obamacare. In this capacity, Ms. Benjiman must advise the public about health issues and life styles. For someone who was once a paid adviser to Burger King, she has certainly created a Whopper of a Panic regarding the need for KI.



  1. Carl says:

    Your commentaries are becoming better and better every day, but I suppose half the credit must go to those presently in the catbird seat who keep feeding you the ammunition you need to shoot them down.

    The Obama czars are of course an unbelievable source of official nonsense and crap. One unlikely appointment after the other with no end in sight.

    I have a question: why doesn’t our President stay the hell home in Washington instead of campaigning all over the country and running up absurd expenses while his minority constituents are starving and living on the streets. Stimulate them and save all that money that he’s blowing because he has to take hundreds of people with him, ie, secret service, bullet proof cars, and of course political cronies up the gazoo.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if he’d simply go away and stay away?

    • Carl I believe I answered your question in the most recent post…Obama’s Picks . No body feeds me information. I just go out and find what exists. I have to admit that I do a lot of research, and I thank you for your support.

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