I had a conversation with a colleague today regarding the issues that have led to a rapid increase in the cost of gasoline. This is some one whose medical expertise I respect. However, I found his analysis and manner as to how to deal with the problem bizarre. His answer was the following:Gasoline prices should rise to a high that people would limit their driving. People should move closer to their work, and should sell their SUVs and purchase more fuel-efficient cars. He cited Europe as how fuel shortages and high fuel prices had been dealt with. When I suggested that moving and selling one’s home might be a losing option, he said that people would have to take a loss. When I reminded him of the high rate of unemployment, he had no response. Selling a car to purchase a hybrid or scary Volt could cost an additional $10K in order to save $300 to $500 dollars in gas costs for the year. For most people with large families, a put put is not an option. This is person who claims he is now a registered Republican and who decries the use of Nuclear energy and drilling for oil and natural gas. if this country is forced to rely upon our current sites for natural gas, while Obama refuses to open more areas for oil drilling and has placed constrictions on the coal industry that provides 45% of our energy, what we will have left is natural gas and foreign oil that we will not be able to afford.

I can only assume that his solutions represent panic that will impact everyone but himself, since he could absorb the higher costs of fuel, the purchase of a new and more costly vehicle and will not have to sell his house and move because he is in a financial position to withstand the trauma other people will have to deal with. I recall a French Queen uttering, “let them eat cake” sometime prior to her demise.

The answer is to build safe nuclear power plants, drill for oil and natural gas, and make this country more self-sufficient, and this must be done now.



  1. Not sure what this is but I liked it

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