A budget with the demonstrable significant spending cuts demanded by the American people as shown by the removal of so many democrats from office in the midterm elections, must be passed now. A budget for 2011 should have been passed by a democratic controlled Congress last year but it never happened because the same democrats miss read the mood of America in the same manner they are doing so now. They thought that if they passed a budget last year laden with pork, earmarks, and giveaways, that America would not vote in their favor. It would seem that the democrats did not get the message that they have lost the House and came close to losing the Senate. The so-called Tea Party Republicans are demanding that the cuts promised during the last congressional campaign be put in place. This is what they ran on and they should not waver in their demand, despite the threat of government shut down. It must be understood, that if the latter occurred, all emergent services would remain in place, and the temporary closure of such non-emergent issues such as the National Parks might inconvenience some but so be it, if that’s what it takes to get this Congress off of their partisan asses and act like elected representatives of the people. When these unworthy politicians and this refers to some Republicans who might be willing to accept unrealistic compromises to appease the likes of the Harry Pelosis and the DICK, Durban, just to pass a budget that will not satisfy the huge spending cuts required, must understand that their disservice to the American people will disappear in 2012 along with our know-nothing president.

The stupidity of Reid who recently, as noted, tried to push across spending for his cowboy poetry pork, will no longer be accepted by America, yet alone Nevada which must regret the re-election of this over the hill old man. The people of California, some of which must have some brain matter left, even after all of the drugs and pot consumption must realize that Pelosi and Boxer and the rest of their self-serving politicians whom they have elected over and over again might be the reason why California is in such dire straights, politically and economically. Americans who were momentarily unconscious in November of 2008 and voted for Obama who clearly stated his ideology, intentions and agenda to “fundamentally change” America should have seen that he was intent upon CHANGING this country into a socialist state without any HOPE.

Significant cuts must be made and not the kind that Obama has presented as fair and far-reaching. A cut of $4-6 Billion is of no value. The $61 Billion asked by the Republicans must be accepted along with the $105 Billion stolen by Reid and Pelosi and hidden in Obamacare. The Republicans to a man must not back down, not raise the debt ceiling so quickly, and allow government to shut down if the democrats do not agree. What Obama calls compromise is not compromise, it is extortion, but the American people understand full who will be responsible,THE PARTISAN, UNCARING, UNREPRESENTATIVE, DEMOCRATIC PARTY!


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