This whole idea of civility was clearly B.S from the beginning and clearly a requirement meant for conservatives and not liberals. The cover of Time featured a picture of Scott Walker of Wisconsin entitled DEAD MAN WALKER which could be taken many ways considering the serious threats to the lives on the Republican members of the Legislature, courageous enough to enact the laws they pledged and for which they were elected. Time which is most likely printed on recycled liberal print only serves to fuel the flames and incite those who might do harm to the Governor of Wisconsin and members of the legislature and Senate who did not run and hide from their responsibilities as did the 14 derelicts from duty who were honored by the paid for union mobs who celebrated their return from hiding in Illinois. If one were to do a head count, how many of the unruly blobs that were involved in the protest really lived and worked in Wisconsin? I would guess few, gathering from the manner in which so many were allegedly bussed to various poling places for the opportunity to vote on multiple occasions for Obama in 2008 throughout the 50 states. I am certain Obama wishes to be reminded that we have 50 and not the 57 states that he magically visited.

The double standard in politics will persist as long as the media practices deceit, allowing it to happen and procreate. It is time that the government accounting office gave the American people a clear, monetary understanding of the influence of the lobbyists that Obama disavowed, temporarily during his probable illegal run for the presidency, and how much money if any, the major TV stations such as NBC, CBS and ABC and their cable affiliates, might allegedly have received for their continued support of the administration, no matter what it has done to ruin the economy of this country, destroy its health care system, give illegals a pass, ignore what is happening on our borders, fail to call out the enemy as Islamic Terrorists, undermine small business, crash our space program, demoralize our armed forces, eliminate the need for entrepreneurs and with each passing day remove the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution.

Their was today some suggestion of annoyance that yesterday Obama chose to play golf in 48′ weather. I, personally have no problem with that. He has had a chilling effect on this country the moment he unpacked his bags at what was once, but no more, the people’s house. I would call it damage control. Every moment he is out digging up some golf course, the less time he spends doing potential harm to our economy and the clear thinking people of this country. Upon his return to the oval office, the entire nation should yell FORE!



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