The terrible tragedy that has befallen Japan and the millions directly impacted will enable those who were never in favor of building nuclear reactors in the United States and underline their objections. We have already heard from Joe Lieberman who has stated his belief that we should take a deep breath before thinking of building additional reactors. In the U.S., we have had one catastrophe that did not quite reach the emergency of Fukushima and that was at the Three Mile Island nuclear reactor which has been closed for years. Given all of the precautions one must undertake to assure safety, nuclear generation of power is clean and efficient, despite what naysayers would lead you to believe. Left up to such as Lieberman, and giving Obama the out to halt the building of any new reactors, energy that could have been produced by them to fuel the new and excessively expensive hybrid cars could be unavailable. How many windmills might it take to produce the electricity to fully recharge any of the expensive anachronisms currently being hyped as marvels of transportation.. Obama has put so much pressure on the coal industry that it might soon cease to exist. The answer lies with all of the untapped oil and natural gas that might be supplied from deep water drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, the waters off the coast of California and parts of the East Coast and AMWAR in Alaska. How many alerts does the administration, any administration, this Congress and any Congress require to understand that the only way to divest ourselves from foreign oil is to drill, refine, utilize and sell what we can produce. As I have previously suggested, Government can ascertain that in a state of emergency, our national security takes precedence over the illogical rantings of Green Peace and Sierra Club fanatics who might attempt to block drilling of oil by means of the courts.

Japan has the second largest economy in the world. Despite this, their government has been in financial difficulty for a number of years. Japan relies on about 30% of power production from it nuclear reactors of which there are some 55 located around the country. The Fukushima plant is 40 years old and more than likely was in need of re-evaluation based upon the threat of earthquake, so prevalent in the region. If Japan has to look for other sources of energy to rebuild its badly damaged infrastructure, its need for oil will increase for many years. This will put a burden on the needs of the rest of the world, allowing OPEC and the Wall Street brokers, much too much leeway as to what a barrel of crude should be worth. Here in the U.S. with the economy so depressed because of Obama’s inability to make good decisions, more competition for foreign oil is not something we should tolerate or look forward to. Hence another reason to begin to drill now!

We have, here in the U.S. about 100 nuclear power plants scattered about the country with quite a few in California unfortunately too close to faults. Most of the plants are aging and must be replaced. It has been suggested that replacing 2 per year will eventually replace all of them over the next 40 years. If we are to drag our feet, as Lieberman suggests, this will never be accomplished. The hue and cry…NOT IN MY BACKYARD, will be loud and clear. It is certainly understood that any suggestion of site finding for new plants must be far enough away from faults and possible tsunamis. WE MUST DRILL NOW! WE MUST DETERMINE WHAT PLANTS HAVE TO BE CLOSED DOWN BECAUSE OF AGING, AND FIND SAFE AND SUITABLE SITES WHERE NEW NUCLEAR PLANTS CAN BE BUILT. ALL OF YOUR WINDMILLS AND SOLAR PANELS WILL NOT MEET THE REQUIREMENTS THAT THIS COUNTRY NEEDS FOR ENERGY. CERTAINLY, THEY MAY BE USED AS AN ADJUNCT, BUT NOT THE MAIN PROVIDER FOR THE NEEDS OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.


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