The disgraced, former Obama Green Czar, and admitted communist, via something called Speak to Power, is allegedly providing input to the NYC school curriculum. This man who is incoherent most of the time when he rambles on and on with his hate speeches, is the last individual on this planet that should be anywhere near any public school that receives funding from the federal government and paid for by our tax dollars. It has been reported that he has called for school children to be anti-police in support of what he calls the human’s rights curriculum. One must ask how much leeway if any has been given by Obama’s, Education Czar and if the latter is totally comfortable with a radical being involved in school course preparation. If the 9-12 year old students who are currently being targeted for the program spend any time with Jones, they could be more illiterates in the schools than there presently are enrolled in the NY School system.

America had better wise up to Jones and his mentor(?) Obama who might share the same ideals, since it was Obama who brought him into the White House for the purpose of advising and sharing ideas. The parents of NYC should demand that Jones have no part in the teaching of their children.


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