A group of European Global Warming proponents have now blamed the Japanese earthquake for what they blame every natural disaster on. I would assume that the message was decided upon and delivered from the major European psychiatric institutes where these people have been confined for many years. We have yet to hear from our “expert” global warming guy, Al Gore, who is probably spending the bulk of his time playing with his carbon credits. There is a clear agenda that has motivated all of the greenies who have pushed for windmills and solar energy, and that is all of the money they can make from promoting the BIG LIE.

In light of the tragedy that is ongoing in Japan and the potential need for more oil, Obama will have to do better than lying to the country about drilling for oil here in the U.S. Yesterday he claimed credit for the increase in oil production that in reality should be credited to the Clinton years. Obama always takes credit for what he has not done and never admits to the responsibility for what he has done to the country. He stretched the truth regarding how many drilling sites were actually given an o.k. None of which were in deep water where the majority of the oil may be found, and most in shallow areas that might barely provide 10%. Again, we must drill now off and on shore, and make use of our vast resources of oil and natural gas. The problem is, Obama wants to see the economy fail. After all, this why the Leftist/socialists, spent so much to have him elected.



  1. Cycle for Charity…

    […]People complain about their job, weather, & life while thousands in Japan and millions around the world suffer, cry, & starve[…]…

  2. […] weather may get more intense – sometimes. But blaming every heat wave, hurricane, tornado and earthquake on global warming only confuses the issue. It’s hard enough for most people to understand the […]

    • The warming of the earth is cyclical. The reports of melting ice, dispossessed polar bears et al was/is a figment of Al Gore’s imagination coupled with a group of so-called scientists who have sold their soul to the democratic party. Gore has amassed millions with his invested interest in cap and trade and carbon credits, the biggest fraud imaginable. Actually Gore is the biggest fraud imaginable. The liberal/leftist dems will do anything to allow disreputable people to make huge slabs of money so that they can make huge donations back to the party. The largest number of criminals lurk in the seats across the aisles from the Republicans in congress.

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