The Congressional committee chaired by Peter King of New York, looking into the cause of radicalization of American youth from the muslim community, was proven both necessary and important, despite being marred by the loud, angry statement of such as Sheila Jackson Lee, who continued to speak despite over using up her time. As per usual, Democrats try to make their point by talking louder and over statements attempted to be made by others with whom they disagree. Additionally, those who disagreed, all democrats, with the need for the hearing were obviously biased, such as Rep. Bennie Thompson and Rep. Loretta Sanchez who repeatedly told the committee that she was a member of a minority. Does that make her a Minority/American? The belligerence continued on the part of democrats, by Rep. L. Richardson of California, and those democrats who interrupted responses to questions from Dr. Jasser that they did not like, while giving all the time to speak to those who supported their devious positions. Los Angeles Sheriff Leroy Baca was given all the courtesy and time to make his point because the democrats agreed with him. They obviously were aware of what his answers would be. Did the democrats provide the questions before hand. I must assume so. Sheriff Baca raised some murmurs from the committee when he suggested that many muslims do not understand the Koran and should accept the presence of the Jewish and Christian faith, certainly not accepted by Jihadists.

Representative Leroy Ellison of Minnesota, gave emotional testimony essentially suggesting that the need for the hearing was unnecessary since there were good Muslims and gave an example of one who lost his life on 9/11/2001. There were four others giving testimony. Dr. Zuhdi Jasser’s presentation was eloquent. As a Muslim, he believes in the separation of church and state, supports the Constitution, and believes in assimilation and not separation. Mr. Bledsoe of Tennessee, gave testimony of the radicalization and conversion of his son to Islam, while in college in Nashville, a radicalization allegedly supported by the Imams of the mosque his son attended. Mr. Abdirizak Bihi, a Somali born, who is muslim and living in Minnesota, gave testimony his nephew, along with twenty other young people of his community ,were radicalized, spirited away to Somali, ultimately losing his life as a terrorist. He also stated that when he went to the Imam of the mosque he attended, he was threatened, intimidated, told that if he went to the FBI, his sister, the mother of his nephew could be sent to Guantanamo. Both gentlemen complained about the lack of cooperation by other members of the muslim communities in America, also intimidated by their Imams and one testified that his Imam told him if he went to the authorities, he ultimately would be damned in hell.

The argument of all of the democrats on the committee who all spoke with one arrogant voice, complained that Jewish, Christian and other religions were not being attacked as was those of the muslim faith, falls short of reality, considering that all of the recent terrorist attacks have been perpetrated by American muslims who were radicalized.

The democrats on the committee were in lock step with Obama and his administration, failing to recognize who our enemies are by being so politically correct as to be unable speak the words Islamic, Jihad Terrorists. They continue either to be in a state of denial, too partisan to speak otherwise, or agree with the Obama agenda. Rep. Richardson found it necessary to reinforce the statement by Obama that he was a Christian. She threw that gem in for no specific reason and had no bearing on the work of the committee. Obama’s Christianity either that as espoused by the reverend Wright or not still remains in question. Democrats can only rebut with smoke, mirrors, unrelated anecdotes, accusations, belligerence and utter stupidity. One of the more idiotic, disparaging and demeaning comments made by one of the black democratic female representatives was that the testimony by the two men who lost members of their family to radicalization resulting in death in one case and imprisonment in the other as anecdotal. I challenge that individual to justify the fact that some Imams contribute to the radicalization of youth as anecdotal. She has contributed nothing of value and her constituents should have her recalled.

It is therefore essential to not only determine who are being radicalized within the muslim community, but to find out who is complicit in the radicalization. We still have freedom of speech, so if it is the Imams, using that freedom, the muslim members of that community should rise up and decry any intimidation or radicalization of the youth and their families. They should not be afraid to speak out against Sharia law. Those naturalized muslims who came to America for the freedoms that Americans have fought for and continue to fight for, should use these freedoms to protest teachings by the Imams that they find offensive and un American.


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