The zealots and liberals and some muslims are in a panic because Peter King of NY wants to ascertain the cause of radicalization of American Muslims. He has been called an Islama-phobe and has become the recipient of death threats. Representative King is a patriot, doing the job he was elected to do, and among other things, as chairman of the house committee for homeland security, trying to protect this country from those wishing to do us harm. I have no doubt that Peter King would do a far better job as Head of Homeland Security than the current dud in that position. One should be aware of the unfortunate snafu with ATF where guns were allowed to enter Mexico from the US in a sting that never happened. Could one of those weapons have been used by the drug cartel to kill an American border patrol guard? Have not heard much from Napolitano, have we?

Hate groups comprised, of course, of liberals have condemned Peter King. The New York Times has found what he plans to do offensive and uncalled for, since it might further anger Muslims. There have been people protesting in Times square wearing middle eastern garb that any one could rent in a costume store. Do we really know who these protesters are?

Must we then assume regarding these protesters, the liberal left and the new york times, that all of them are supporting terrorism by virtue of their actions. The other question that must be asked is whether this might constitute treason. We are constantly reminded of the good muslims. When was the last time any of them stood up to protest Islamic, radical terrorism. It has been said that certain imams have possibly contributed to the radicalization of home-grown, muslim Americans, by either encouraging the practice or remaining silent when another act of terrorism is attempted. They remain silent on Sharia law. Some mosques give lip service to police investigation while allegedly, possibly obstructing it. Not that long ago a father shot his two young daughters because he thought they had become too Americanized. It has been said that he is being protected by the Muslim community. If these people cannot assimilate, perhaps they should return to their country of origin to make room for immigrants who really wish to become Americans in more than name only.


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