In their attempt for governmental takeover of health care, Obama and Harry Pelosi, allegedly hid $105 Billion dollars of appropriation in the health care (reform?) bill, since they knew that it wold be UNPOPULAR WITH THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, literally stealing that money from the American taxpayer. The majority of congress that voted for the bill without reading it, apparently were oblivious to what had been done behind their backs. If they knew they were complicit and should be indicted for dereliction of duty, and misappropriation of funds that might lead to expulsion. You have to recall Pelosi’s insistence that in order to know what was in the bill, it must be passed, and her group of lemurs did just that. Now the American public knows why she worked so hard to pull the wool over the eyes of Congress (if possible) and the American public. Pelosi should be made to answer to all of this in the well of the House, as did recently the representative from NY who was censured. All of the moneys so misappropriated must be given back along with the remaining $57 Billion dollars the Republicans have and should continue to demand before any consideration of formulating a budget. Under these circumstances, and now with the knowledge of the American people what has transpired, default of the government will be the sole responsibility of the egomaniacal, partisan democrats and their narcissistic president.

Obama is intent upon the price of a gallon of gasoline to reach $8 so that his green agenda continues unscathed as alluded to by Michele Bachmann. This president, daily shows his disdain and contempt for the American people who may have to go without the staples of life because they will have become too costly. As fuel costs increase, so does the cost of diesel truckers need to bring supplies to market. Wheat, bread, fruits and vegetables will either be unavailable or so in demand to further drive up their costs. What has Obama and his family given up? They seem to have enough funds and food supplies to hold lavish parties at the “black house”. This administration must open up areas for the drilling of oil offshore, in Alaska and the continental US, despite wounding the Sierra Club’s and Green Peace’s sensibilities. It is time that Obama stopped dragging his inexperienced feet regarding actions needed to protect the American people and the United States and move away from such inane programs as global warming initiatives and cap and trade. The American people should demand he do no less.


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