Mr. Obama, Ms. Napolitano and Madam Clinton, Please Go To The BlackBoard Again

The President, the Director of Homeland Security, and the Secretary of State seemed not to have learned anything from the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, 9/11/2001, the bombing of the Cole, the shoe bomber, underwear bomber, the Time Square bomber, the Seattle Xmas tree bomber, the bombings in Spain and London, just to mention a few. The President and his appointed cabinet members still have trouble uttering the words that identify those responsible for the aforementioned terror. So, Barry,Janet and Hillary, please go to the blackboard and write the following 1000 times. If you run out of space, I am certain Glenn Beck will lend additional blackboards.

1. Islamic Jihadist Terrorists
2. Islamic Terrorists
3. Muslim Terrorists
4. Hezbollah and Hamas
5. Iranian Islamic Terrorists
6. Syrian Islamic Terrorists
7. Sharia Law is an abomination
8. The stoning of women must cease
9. The Fort Hood Murders were committed by a Islamic Muslim Terrorist
10. The murders of two U.S. servicemen in Frankfurt Germany was committed by a, Islamic Muslim Terrorist
11. The Saudi captured in Lubbock Texas is a Jihadist Terrorist
12. Israel is our friend and we must continue to do everything possible to prevent its destruction by avowed Islamic Terrorists from Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Libya and Yemen
13. The Somali pirates either work for Islamic Muslim Terrorists or are Islamic Terrorists. They must be caught and dealt with on the high seas before any more people are murdered by them.
14.The two young men sentenced in NJ today were Islamic Muslim Terrorists.



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