The former Arkansas Governor’s so-called gaffe regarding mistakenly stating that Obama was brought up in Kenya rather than Indonesia once again raises the still unanswered question of why Obama will not release an uncontested birth certificate, any records whatsoever of his college and postgraduate degrees and medical records as has been requested and received from other presidents. It remains suspect that Obama with the assistance of one of his appointees to the Supreme Court has allegedly spent over a million dollars to suppress the information. I was rather disappointed that Governor Huckabee went beyond mea culpable in admitting his “mistake” by trying to impress upon us the Obama family’s probable utter dislike for the British who ruled Kenya at one time and colonialism in general, suggesting that this helped influence Obama’s views of this country and the world. There has been the suggestion that Obama traveled one time on a British passport. If true, wonder how that happened. Governor Huckabee should “call a spade a spade” and leave it at that. If an apology was in order, make it and move on Governor. Intelligent. clear thinking America would like to know the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

The U.S. Constitution that liberal leftists, radicals and perhaps our president disdains, clearly spells out the citizenship requirements for one to run for president of the United States of America. All of the other candidates for president in 2012, most likely limited to Republicans, Independents and those from minor parties, unless the democrats have the guts, honesty and intelligence, to put up a better candidate, will need to meet those requirements. Obama should not be grandfathered in this respect since he never has shown any evidence that he was legally qualified to hold the office he now occupies.



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