Hollywood’s rank and file Jewish actors, directors, producers of both film and TV should take a hard look at antisemitism as newly verbalized by a Charlie Sheen incapable of dealing with his recurrent demons. Despite evidence of talent, Sheen will most likely appreciate the disdain that Gibson experienced after his bizarre tirade. Gibson’s once significant star has faded and Sheen’ will soon follow. The difference might be that Sheen, currently flushed with wealth, enough to allow for a trip alleged with two women, at least, to the Caribbean in response to the CBS termination of his successful sitcom, thought he could solve all of his problems alone. Sadly, history will prove this not to be the case.

While we are dwelling on antisemitism, I do not recall Obama answering Iran’s miniscule president’s defamatory statement that the holocaust was a figment of the world’s imagination. Obama has been unable to utter the word Islamic Terrorist, and that the Jihadists are hell-bent to destroy Israel and the Jews. This speaks volumes of Obama’s intent and allegiance. You were not born democrats, you were born Americans.

It remains mind-boggling that American Jews continue to support a president who clearly will support the Muslims over Israel. I can only conclude that it represents a stupidity on the part too many Jews who do not comprehend that they were not born democratic but American-Jewish. If they currently are just doing just fine and base their support of this erratic administration on that fact alone, how could any Jew in good conscience consider Obama and the majority of the misguided democratic party a friend.

People who feel unaffected at the moment, because they feel secure and protected by their unions had best take a hard look at the possibility that reality will soon set in and what they have enjoyed as perks and support, will soon be lost, because of lack of funds.

When will the Streisands and the rest of Jewish born Hollywood decry what might have once been reasonable liberal positions and divorce themselves from a president who just uses his White House, tax payer provided Muslim prayer rug more often than not.

There must be a Jewish voice that loud and clear tells this administration and his party that these are a people to be taken seriously and not just taken for granted.



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