In a 1979 movie,”BEING THERE”, Peter Sellers acted the role of Chauncey Gardener, a simple-minded man who never left the estate of his benefactor, did the menial gardening chores and whose only learning came from the cartoons and sitcoms he watched on TV. When the estate owner passed away, the man who in error was given the surname Gardener was invited to talk shows, where his simple interpretations were thought to be erudite brilliance. Ultimately, he became a confidant of the U.S. president in the movie and did no harm.

We have in Washington, someone elected for his color, promise and now questionable oratory, who had as much known background as Chauncey Gardner, and was mistaken for someone with great insight and knowledge, as was the Peter Seller character. Unfortunately, that was fiction but the man entrusted to our Presidency,who with each passing day exhibits no insight, no courage , no knowledge, and no leadership is real and in charge of the present and future of this great country. Perhaps his name should have been Barack Community Organizer, origin unknown, education hidden and medical history blacked out.



  1. Carl Van Wagenen says:

    Chauncy Gardner indeed. At least Chauncy stayed at home and tended the gardens as he was asked to do. This other guy to who you refer doesn’t seem to know the meaning of “staying home”. This imposter spends more taxpayer money every month flying around from state to state to talk drivel to special interest and union groups (I guess that’s a oxemoron).
    As long as we’re asking for an accounting of where all the stimulus money went, why don’t we also ask how much money is being spent weekly/daily on his speaking trips where he takes a planeful of loyal groupies and heaven knows how many secret service peronnel together with all their equipment and the “little red box” that I assume he uses to keep in contact with all the third world despots to whom eh seems so enamored. My wife an I marvel at how he seems to be in a different state every day, spreading his gospel of lies.
    This turkey who obviously has no right to be where he is (the oval office) has got to go after this first term, or shame on us all.

    • You are in the groove, Carl. Tis a pity not too many are. How many people would know who Chauncey is? He may be in a different state but he is always in the same state of mind, socialist/communist/apoligist

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