The saying “it ain’t over until the fat lady sings” originated with a radio and TV personality by the name of Kate Smith who concluded her programs with singing God Bless America. In the case of Janet Napolitano, I have no idea if she can sing, but what she says regarding the security of our physical borders as well as that to do with our airports, and docks leaves me for one, with a great sense of insecurity. In truth, IT SHOULD BE OVER. THE LADY SHOULD BE FIRED. We have to ask why Obama picks such people to head such important positions. Case in point, Clapper, and Geithner just to name a few.

On January 31st of this years, Napolitano, speaking at the University of Texas, El Paso, in one of many scheduled “Everything’s Coming Up Roses” talks at various universities, stated that it was “inaccurate to state that our borders were over run by violence and was out of control.” More than 6000 people have been killed in border related events and associated with drug based violence in the past two years. On January 15, two law enforcement agents were shot with one dying from his wounds. More recently another agent was murdered, forcing the Attorney General to go to the memorial. A woman and her husband driving a truck filled with Bibles was attacked, and the woman was killed. The murderers wanted their truck. Another American, whose body is yet to be found, was murdered by assailants in a Texas lake last year. How many more murders will convince Napolitano that things are just not going so great? An Arizona rancher was killed last year on his own property. People are afraid to venture out on their own land. Some border schools on the American side have had walls built around them to protect the children. When Arizona Sheriff, Paul Babeu was asked if the border was safe, he answered emphatically, “NO!”. The government continues to tie the hands of law enforcement by declaring the requirement of demanding I.D. illegal. How many legal or illegal Hispanic votes does Obama believe he will get for continuing such practices

According to a post by Ed Morrisey, a muslim cleric, deported from Canada to Tunisia for trying to impose Sharia law upon Canadian muslims, attempted to sneak across the Mexican border in the trunk of a car driven by a person from San Diego. He was caught. How many have been missed? Last year someone, perhaps Napolitano had a sign placed near the border of Arizona warning citizens of the dangers that might lie ahead. That was certainly worth the money! The sign was subsequently removed. I certainly hope that is was posted in Spanish, Farsi and Arabic. Is this the response of a government really interested in the welfare of its legal citizens? I think not.

The border between Mexico and the United States is nearly 2000 miles long, extending from Tijuana, Baja in the west to Brownsville, Texas and the Gulf Coast in the East. It is truly a formidable job to secure it, but little meaningful attempt has been exercised over the years to do so. Times have changed and the enemy is both massing at the border, and crossing it for the purpose of drug and human smuggling. Just the other day, it was revealed, not by our Head of Homeland Security, that barely 229 miles might be secure. On February 7, Napolitano testified before a Senate regarding the budget Obama has put forth for Homeland Security. She has requested about $57 Billion. What in God’s name was done with the monies allocated for 2009 and 2010?

Either the Department of Homeland Security is as redundant as its leadership, or has merit and leadership should be changed. Since there seems to be issues between Homeland Security and I.C.E, perhaps the two should be merged for a less expensive, better organized department run by competent individuals with law enforcement experience.



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