The old saw “power corrupts” is so true when it come to Obama’s interference in the Wisconsin teacher union ‘s battle with its Governor, who has asked the unions to increase their contribution towards pensions and health benefits. The Governor has asked the state legislature to vote on a bill removing the union’s collective bargaining tool. Obama’s response has been that the Governor is taking unfair advantage of the unions whose people contribute greatly to the private sector. Actually they do not contribute enough. Obama’s love affair with the unions is longstanding and because their recurrent demands have been recently ignored, the president in order to cull new favor and hopefully be the recipient of more union donations toward his 2012 re-election bid has taken their side in this dispute. Prior to 1950, there were no unions for government workers who while earning less than the private sector had job security and reasonable benefits. The Democratic party’s association with the unions strengthened in the 1950s when N.Y City mayor Robert Wagner allowed public unions to organize. In 1962 John F. Kennedy granted federal employees the right to collective bargaining. Since that time, except for a minor percentage, the majority of union monies have been contributed to the coffers of the democratic party.

By 2009 government salaries had increase 2.4% which was twice that earned by the private sector and the average wage of a government employee was about $22,000 more than the private sector counterpart. Some of the benefits that most government or public sector employees earn include retirement at age 55 as well as free health insurance for a lifetime. I cannot think of any private sector employee who enjoys such a great deal. The disasters that recently led to the economic debacle in Spain and Greece, could be attributed to such perks as now enjoyed by our government workers.

Obama has had a long. close relationship with SEIU and its former head Andy Stern who has been reportedly, the most frequent visitor to the White House and a close personal adviser to the president. Along with some 600 companies, Unions have been given passes with regard to obeying the Health Care law up until 2018, just another favor Obama has given to his buddies. What is the quid pro quo? Any one would assume contributions to democratic campaigns.

In the current fight between the Wisconsin teacher’s union and the Governor, teachers have been absent from the classrooms and have been paid because some have been given falsified letters of illness by people who are doctors or posing as doctors. This is malpractice and the perpetrators should be arrested for any part they (teachers or doctors) have played in this deception. Each failure of the unions to agree to increasing contributions to their benefits leads to an increase cost to the taxpayers. Why should Wisconsin taxpayers or for that matter the rest of us pay for these perks? Obama must be running scared that more states will act in a similar fashion to reduce their shortfall and potential bankruptcy, hence he has butted in to matters that are state and not administrative issues.

As Governor Walker of Wisconsin said upon his admonishment of the present, he was certain that Obama had more important issues to contend with in Washington without putting his unwelcome nose into Wisconsin. Mubarak made the same comment regarding Obama’s interference in Egyptian affairs.

The term power corrupts has more to do with an individuals feeling that he or she can do anything, and not so much with corruption itself, although no one will deny that corruption has played a significantly role in politics.



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