How about this for a novel idea.? Since Obama is so hard pressed to create a socialist state here in the U.S. of A. why don’t we set up a test case involving only the Unions and their bosses, all of the unions and all of their bosses. Based upon Obama’s formula for social justice when he worshipped at the shrine of Cloward and Piven, (Karl Marx’s gift to America) all of the unions will have to legitimately, without exception redistribute all of their wealth among the workers from whose paychecks have been extracted exorbitant, unconditional dues. Obviously that will never come to pass because Obama would lose most of his base along with the money he needs to support his foolish run for re-election. All of the unions beginning with SEIU should be thoroughly investigated, but by whom? The justice department certainly will give them the same pass given to the Black Panthers who terrorized a Philadelphia polling place in 2008 (the video is still available) and who might have, in some way contributed to Obama’s great performance in Las Vegas that same year, as well as Harry Reid’s, still questionable victory in the 2010 midterms. Speaking of 2008, exactly how much money was left over in Obama’s campaign chest, and in what manner was it distributed subsequently, if at all? How about re-distribution? The manner in which what every Union earns and spends and what taxes are needed to be paid should be a matter of Congressional committee to investigate. The Case in point might be the fact that a union in Detroit had a major investment or owned a golf course at a time that Obama in all of his beneficence found a way to bail the auto industry out. Many of these same auto workers have allegedly been found drinking alcohol and consuming drugs during times they were supposed to be at work. Sure wants me to run out an buy a Volt! or a Chrysler product. I don’t think so.

Today, in the House of Representatives, tributes up the kazoo were offered by democrats to a congresswoman, Jane Harman of California’s 36 district who, apparently has seen both the light and a way to escape from Washington, by accepting a position that would raise her up from her current place of work. It is time that this Congress got down to business, and stopped heralding the accomplishments of College and High School football teams to a point where the reason why its members were elected has escaped them as they applaud foolishness and continue to waste tax payer’s money. What might have passed as acceptable no longer is, and this goes for both the democrat and republican party. This House must get down to business and start defunding Obamacare since it will be the first of many steps needed to decrease the ever-expanding deficit.



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