In some form of meeting once called a press conference where reporters questions were once not scripted, Obama chose to answer only questions whose answers would not make him look too bad. He did, however comment that he was pleased with the “peaceful” transition in Egypt.

Someone had better whisper in Obama’s ear about:
300 dead that we are aware of. How many thousands were injured by stone throwing government thugs?
Attacks upon journalists, some of whom required hospitalization after being rescued from crazed mobs
A brutal attack described as sexual and devastating by a storm of Egyptian men in celebration of Mubarak’s abdication. Who knows what would have happened to this CBS female journalist, doing her job, if she were not rescued by women and members of the military? She required hospitalization, Mr. President. Doubt if she was thrilled by the celebration. Coincidence? No, this is how they treat women in the Middle East and they would like to bring this here in the name of Sharia Law.
Perhaps we should defund Egypt along with Obamacare. Hey! Egypt has a president’s position open…..HMMMN

This president’s lack of statesmanship, leadership, courage, and honesty has the potential of destroying our credibility among our allies if he has not completely done so already.

Hillary Clinton who could easily be thought to be more out of touch with her job description than Madeline Albright was, had earlier told us that Egypt was stable. Guess what? The other day she stated that Bahrain was progressing nicely. They just progressed into chaos. That is where our Fleet is based. I wonder if she might have some good things to say about Yemen, Lybia, Syria and Iran.

Jimmy Carter (the peanut farmer), who some might suggest in the early stages of dementia stated that we have nothing to fear from this fine group called the Muslim brotherhood. Perhaps it is time for Mr. Carter to stop giving us the benefit of his ideas on foreign policy and how we should relate to people who wish to kill us. WE DON’T WANT IT!

Collectively, we have the worst president, the most incompetent Sec. Of State and a former president who remains inept and inconsequential. This country has a lot to worry about if these are some of the people to be relied upon for economic stability, a clear foreign policy and a safe and effective leadership needed throughout these difficult times. Oh and let us not forget the democratic leadership in the House and Senate. They are nothing to brag about either.



  1. carl van wagenen says:

    Well spoken but I’m afraid that none of these failures will be addressed anytime soon, and the voters of this nation will by 2012 have forgotten all about how badly things are being handled by the President and his czars. The “truther’s” will never get a fair hearing with regard to OB’s citizenship issues despite the fact that he has on many occasions admitted that he is not a natural born American. How many times does he have to say that before the country listens and tosses his ass out from a job that he is not only unqualified for, but obviously has no ability to administer. Send him back to where he came from and let him open a bodega so that he can learn how to run a business.

  2. Tod Batten says:

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