Traditionally, fruitcake is a subject of derision when given as a gift at Christmas, but I happened to be probably the 1% in this country who happen to like it. I also like jelly beans and sugar covered fruit rinds. Apparently, today, despite Obama’s first walk across Lafayette Park to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, his both his offer of fruitcake and rhetoric was rejected. They have heard all of the empty phrases before and reacted with subdued applause and acceptance of any wishy-washy mea culpa Obama had to offer. He said that it was the moral obligation of business to employ more people, where it actually is the moral obligation for business to not implode and to stay in business. I applaud the Chamber of Commerce for not adding to Obama’s perception of narcissistic omnipotence by not applauding any of his last gasps at trying to improve any impression the thinking people of this country have of him.

With each passing day, Obama shows how inept he is was/is in leadership, foreign policy, domestic policy, and economy. As I have previously noted, he is a fake a fraud and a continued obstacle to the preservation of our rights as citizens of this country. How many more liberties must be lost before this nation understands the destiny that the current occupant of the White House has in store for us? As an American, and a patriot, I look daily for some good in Obama. Sadly to date I have found none. Mr. Obama, if you consider yourself a professor(???) why not read our U.S. Constitution at least for the first time and lecture on its good and bad(?) points. At least show any evidence that you have read it once.

The illogically named first lady M. Obama continues to invade our restaurants with her personal vendettas. If she is so obese that she cannot look in her mirror, perhaps SHE should control her own eating habits and stop interfering with those of our country. SHE CANNOT COMPREHEND THAT THE MAJORITY OF AMERICANS CONSIDER HER A JOKE. When will that message get across to her? Perhaps she would like to enlighten America as to why she relinquished her law license in Illinois. I for one would like to know. How about the rest of you?


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