In another so-called White House press corp conference, Gibbs was his usual evasive, “I know nosing” self when he refused to comment upon the attempted assassination of the new Egyptian Vice-president. However, he was certainly forthcoming in a previous press corp meet when he advocated the legitimacy of the Muslim Brotherhood by suggesting that this group which has been considered illegal to this date by Egypt, be included in the formation of a new government when that happens. One would assume that since Gibbs is Obama’s spokesman, what was said has the approval of his boss.

In Obama’s book “Dreams of My Father”, he stated that if he ever had to make a choice between Muslims or others, he would choose the Muslims. Perhaps the 34% of Americans who think he is Christian should rethink their position, making the 18% who consider him to be Muslim more on the mark.

Obama’s latest subterfuge of suddenly attending church services, along with his comments at the White House prayer breakfast, is just a political ploy to convince the fence sitters that he is a Christian. He is trying to undo the damage already done to his 2012 re-election bid.

Why is the public not seeing through this man’s real intent and allegiances? Are all members of the Democratic party fools, and why aren’t the Republicans asking more questions regarding the president’s intent to bring the Muslim Brotherhood, that has seeded the development of Hamas, Hezbollah, and Al Qaeda, into a new Egyptian government. Has no one learned any thing from the PEANUT FARMER’S poor choices at the time of the Iranian revolution. Again, CONSPIRACY?;MYTH?; OR REALITY…….?

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