The islamic terrorist and former U.S. medical officer stationed at Fort Hood charged with the murder of American soldiers including one who was pregnant, does not deserve to continue to collect a salary, and any and all benefits payed for by the American taxpayers. Since he will be on the public dole when convicted and sentenced, better he live and die at the poverty level rather than enjoy the benefits given to our military. He is deserving only of adequate legal advise from an appointed attorney and nothing more, and this provided by a system that he was hard pressed to destroy. Furthermore, all payments made from the time the incident occurred should be returned.

Information released from a Senate hearing yesterday has shown that there was enough information indicating of what the killer was capable, long before he chose to gun down the innocent. It would seem more than reasonable for the sake of the relatives of those no longer with us, that everyone immediately involved in ignoring the signs of this man’s intent, should be fired with loss of pay and pension. No one should be rewarded for a bad job done poorly.

The following question must be asked. If the perpetrator of these crimes was white or other than muslim would he have been given such a pass.



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