chris matthews of msnbc: UNFAIR AND UNBALANCED

Chris Matthews who has in the past apparently had an orgasm over the election of Barack Obama, was so impressed with the man that “he forgot he was black”, now has reportedly compared the Tea Party to the Muslim Brotherhood stating that both groups acted like secret organizations. Matthews should be reminded that Tea Party exists by virtue of our freedom to organize and speak freely, a right that muslim extremists do not allow without penalty. Last time I looked, the Tea Party has not advocated the destruction of Israel, or the promotion of Sharia Law, that The League of Woman Voters and NOW has yet to decry, since included in its dictum is the stoning of woman and forcing them to wear burkas.

Mathews does not exemplify the best in journalism. He best fits into the category of comedians just as Jon Stewart who admittedly is a fake and should not be considered a source of real news. He continues to be a disgrace to real unbiased journalism. It is remarkable that his program on msnbc has any viewers at all other than those with a mindset as bizarre as the subject of this post. All colleges that teach journalism should make students watch and read classic Matthews’, using it as an example of the opposite of how a quality journalist presents the news.


3 Responses to chris matthews of msnbc: UNFAIR AND UNBALANCED

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  2. I am almost sure this subject matter was presented on Nightline

    • I will guarantee you, Jared Junkersfeld, (whatever), that Nightline presented their concept of the truth as its editor demanded they be presented. I never found that Nightline represented anything other than the Liberal point of view. That in itself is most disturbing. How did you feel what I wrote might have differed from theirs?

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