This afternoon, Megyn Kelly, a Fox host/newscaster and attorney did not allow another Obama apologist to misrepresent facts as is the case by most people who have glorified the bottom of the pile unaffectionally known as Obamacare. The perhaps attorney, his words, when queried about the recent florida federal judges ruling that Obamacare was unconstitutional, countered with lies that there were twelve instances of rulings that supported this most obnoxious bill/law soon to be repealed. Megyn Kelly challenged the interviewee whose name I choose not to adorn/embellish, and he resorted to more subterfuge until he ultimately admitted that he had distorted the truth. Hopefully more Americans watch such fair and balanced programs and are educated with regard to what is really happening in our country. When people understand that Obama is not the coming of Christ, the welfare savior, the soup kitchen Roosevelt, and is nothing but the narcissist that he is, this country will revert to the values that made it great.

I would recommend David Limbaugh’s book “Crimes Against Liberty” as required reading for every college student as well as the parents who foot their bill for education.


2 Responses to GO GET EM MEGYN KELLY

  1. At the same time that she stopped reporting on it she appeared on The O Reilly Factor Thursday night 7 15 10 and touted the importance of the case… As I noted in about that segment discussing is nowhere near an accurate description of the kind of biased promoting of this racially-charged story that Kelly has been doing. ..Since then there has been no or virtually no coverage on Kelly s show of a story that had been previously several times an hour.

    • What are you talking about? You give short bursts of condemnation without being specific. Is it possible that you have no facts to support your peculiar position? I see you are listed as an off shore corporation. Is your babble being used just to list your vocation rather than your views?

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