Standing ready with an assortment of shovels whose purpose is to move excessive amounts of snow from walkways, driveways and roof tops, the former to allow my wife and me to move all of the forgotten global warming snow from our driveways so that we might be able to reach the road whose plows have further obstructed egress, to access the yet to be plowed side roads that might lead to main roads ultimately leading to our work objectives. The latter to assure that the excess weight of the snow might not crush our house or those of our neighbors. Today, BIG AL, we, particularly, await yet another dump of that white stuff that would better be served on a ski mountain, along with ice and rain that will create havoc from which you, Al have profited. This country of ours has regaled those Americans with entrepreneurial skills. Sadly, Al, you are not among those remembered despite your ill-gotten nobel peace prize award (small letters) or your delusional Academy Award for what should have been titled THE BIG LIE. History will record that people thus rewarded have never deserved such awards. Al, you have gained nothing, but presumed have stolen ,so much more than you deserve. The Integrity of both the Nobel prize and Academy award was so reduced immediately to zero by any association with the name of Al Gore. You are and will remain, a discredit to the Senate of the United States of America. Your legacy to this country remains clouded in tobacco, smoke and mirrors.


  1. akline says:

    I think you are really angry with Al! He was only trying to make a buck….and got buckets full of bucks.

    • The problem with Al is all of the idiots who believe he is correct. I don’t think he believes in global warming. I say this just prior to getting ready to shovel the walkway from the current blizzard.

  2. Are you kidding? Hell yes you are, this should be re-posted. with your permission, I will make that happen.

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