The current crisis in Egypt at the ingress and egress to the Suez Canal underlines the urgency of America’s need to become independent of foreign oil and to start drilling in the Gulf, Alaska and those portions of the continental United States rich in those potential sources of fuel. All of the little expensive hybrid cars, the idiotic Obama Czarist suggestion obtaining jobs where they can walk to work, when there is currently a 9.4% unemployment, inefficient windmills and solar panel systems whose personal cost to the consumer may never be reclaimed in his or her life time will never provide the energy this country needs on hand to keep the prices of such mundane commodities such as milk and bread from escalating beyond reach. The projected price of gas may prevent Americans from putting the key in the ignition. The projected price of heating oil may create unbelievable hardships for the very young anf very old. The naysayers who proclaimed Sarah Palin’s call to “drill baby drill” idiotic, are clearly too full of themselves to understand the reality of losing our supply of oil to obstruction of Suez, the impact of Iran and Somalian pirates, where weeks would be added to the journey of oil tankers to North America, if they reached there at all. The sheer stupidity of the conservationists who have obstructed the process of drilling by litigation, must be obviated by the government declaring a state of emergency with regard to fossil fuel resources thus over-riding any current suits, and giving relief to the companies that mine coal without any increased danger to the miners. DRILL BABY DRILL…..NOW! This is not what Liberals might call scare tactics. Right now it is scarier than they are, and that is saying alot.


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