In an Obama moment of mea culpa, Rep. James Moran a democrat from Virginia allegedly told members of the Arab/Muslim world that Americans who disliked Obama did so purely because of racial bias. One has to wonder if Mr. Moran has tremendous guilt built up as a result of his and so many other democrats who felt Obama, was the answer but it did not turn out so well as they hoped. Could it be just pandering to a potential base of Muslims for their votes? What other reason could this white southerner play the black race card. Of course the other reason could be his state’s former position on slavery pre-civil war. Mr. Moran’s district should reconsider their choices the next time this politician asks, again for their vote. His comments are pure garbage and disparaging this country, and its people. Yes, the first Amendment provides freedom of speech, but that same freedom allows me to condemn Moran’s utter stupidity. This country has come a long way since the successes of the Civil Rights Movement. Much further than he has.


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