I write this, not for all of the inbred liberal leftists, who have chosen to politicize the murders and thank God failed assassination of a Gabby Giffords, but to remind intelligent Americans what disgraceful acts the Liberal Media is capable of. It started with a Tuscon sheriff, who instead of presenting facts regarding the reprehensible waste of human life, resorted to criticizing the hosts of talk radio and suggesting that in some way were instrumental in causing the murderer to shoot 30 rounds of ammunition into a crowd of people. The disgusting rhetoric continued with two “newspaper men”, one from the ny times and the other from the daily news, who wrote columns suggesting that Sarah Palin was culpable in the execution of six people and the wounding of six others. The man from the daily news clearly is anti gun , but was unable to explain any connection between Sarah Palin and the murderer, but maintained that he was correct, nevertheless. Then Senator Barack Obama speaking in Philadelphia in 2008 told his group of black admirers that(paraphrased) “if someone came at them with a knife, they should respond with a gun.” How irresponsible is that? NEVER WAS THERE A MENTION IN THE MEDIA. Prior to the midterm election, Sarah Palin outlined legislators that should and could be defeated at the voting booths since they were ultra liberal. IF she used the terms “get them in your sights, or cross hairs”, she in no way was suggesting that they be killed. If the two geniuses who wrote the articles in the times and news believe otherwise, they would not be considered too smart, but just viciously partisan. I was at a dinner party Saturday and the subject of what happened in Arizona was brought up. My ultra liberal friend immediately drew the conclusion that it was caused by or happened to “a tea party person”. The Tea Party so frightens the Left that they will find any reason to vilify it. The murderer had no association with the Tea Party.

Members of the Liberal Left seem suddenly to have found religion as they call for civility and responsibility. How come they lost both during the past four years when they were in control of Congress?

The people who were harmed or lost their lives in Arizona yesterday should not be used as political pawns by either party. Too bad the Left cannot WASTE a CRISIS. Obama has called for a moment of silence in remembrance of those hurt or killed at 11 am tomorrow. I do not recall him asking for anything like that for the soldiers killed at Ft.Hood, by a muslim….Hmmmmm!


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