The media would lead you to believe that the issue of the DEATH PANEL was all but solved when Democrats aligned with Obama reportedly had removed it from the bill/law. As I have delineated in a previous post, the issue of a physician counseling his patient regarding end of live issues was not the crux of the matter. It was and still remains the panel of bureaucrats who WILL MAKE LIFE AND DEATH DECISIONS based upon cost effectiveness of examinations and treatments at the “DISCRETION OF THE SECRETARY”, another uninformed individual with little experience in health care. This fact should not surprise anyone since Obama has placed people of ignorance in positions of importance. Take the case of Janet Napolitano for example. In this particular case, Obama and his euthanasia loving henchman Berwick who so likes the English Health Care system: one would wonder why they both just don’t become ex-patriots and enjoy every deadly moment that system has to offer. Obama has no real interest in the elderly who have found him out and deserted his base. To allow them to die because services were reduced or cost effectiveness dictated as such, would no way affect him politically. It is the 30 Million whom he has tossed into the system that he hopes will turn the tide for him in 2012. Despite the fact that Obama is such a narcissistic individual, does not obviate the fact that, as a communist, he would be willing to wait one hundred years for our American way of life, one that both he and his wife have expressed disdain for, to disintegrate. Any American who believes anything that issues forth from Obama’s mouth is a fool! It will be very difficult to repeal one of the most obnoxious laws enacted because its architect has the power of the veto, but the law can be dissected and rendered futile along with members of an honest judicial system willing to place honest jurisprudence above any party affiliation with this administration. If defunding it, is the answer, then let it take any and all time to do it. Obama has never yet comprehended the slap in the face given on November 2 by the American people. If he continues to act against the will of Americans and use so called executive privilege, IMPEACHMENT MUST BE IN ORDER. THIS MAN HAS SO DAMAGED THIS COUNTRY, AND HAS BEEN ALLOWED TO DO SO BY EITHER, COMMUNISTS/SOCIALISTS OF LIKE MIND OR JUST A HUGE NUMBER OF IGNORANTS WHO BELIEVED THAT VOTING FOR ANY BLACK MAN WAS COOL!


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