The Obama administration has sent our inept Head(or the other end) of Homeland Security to Afghanistan to assist Karzai and the Afghanis in securing their borders with Pakistan. One has to consider this an idiotic waste of time when this individual has been incapable of securing our own southern borders ripe with murder, gun and drug running from Mexico. She will be dealing with a government filled with corruption and apparently abetting both the opium/heroin trade assisted by relatives of the Afghani president. Not that long ago, a high official in the government was found to have entered Dubai with $50,000,000 obtained either directly from our government in the way of aid or earned possibly through the sale of drugs. While she is there, she will meet with American troops which will not for them be the highlight of the New Year celebration. She, Clapper and Brennan, make up our THREE BLIND MICE who are supposed to protect this country from terrorism. Someone has made the argument that Clapper’s being uninformed of recent terrorist arrests in England, was a minor glitch and if this country remains secure, his choice, as well as the other two, by Obama ,would be considered an excellent one. However, WHAT IF THIS COUNTRY IS SUBJECTED TO ANOTHER 9/11?

It is not too late to send these three packing and replace them with people with more experience in intelligence, and who might be able to utter the words “ISLAMIC TERRORISTS.”

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