It has been reported that obama plans to restore the “DEATH PANEL” to the monstrous high-priced health law. It was in the bill that few members of Congress read before it was voted on, despite protests by the administration to the contrary. obama plans to use his power of executive order to return this portion to the most devious of recently enacted legislation. The re-addition will allow for the “Secretary” to constitute a panel of bureaucrats to make life and death decisions by crunching numbers that will determine the cost effectiveness of providing needed services to people who might die without them. Physicians will be compensated for discussing the pros and cons of continued medical care to the severely or elderly. While the concept in itself is not unreasonable, one has to ask what pressures will be applied by the government by virtue of reduced care, services and availability of physicians. Obama’s lie about patients’ keeping their own physicians only exists if physicians continue to take care of Medicare patients to the degree that they currently do so. The Republican majority in the House had better keep a tight rein on this narcissistic president who is back to business as usual, listening to no one except his agenda of reducing this country to a socialist state. For those who might not comprehend the consequences of a death panel, I would recommend the movie Soyalent Green.


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