One of three people entrusted by Obama to protect our country from terrorism, James Clapper, in a recent ABC interview admitted that he knew nothing of the twelve British subjects arrested for potential terrorism. This had already been broadcast by the media, and this man admitted after prodding that he had no knowledge of the report. This was an interview conducted Monday by Diane Sawyer of ABC that included Brennan, Napolitano and the aforementioned Clapper. To make matters worse, Napolitano volunteered that her people worked 24/7/364 days a year to protect this country. How admirable, considering that she neglected to mention what protection was being provided on the 365th day if any. Brennan took credit for preventing both the Christmas bomber and the Time’s Square bomber from carrying out their destructive intent. Yes, the Christmas bomber was on the watch list and every one watched him board the plane. Was this Brennan’s plan to catch him before he was able to detonate his bomb? I doubt that very much. Clearly, he also is as misinformed as both Napolitano and Clapper, the latter admittedly not being informed at all. The Time’s Square bomber was stopped by an alert vender, not Mr. Brennan. Joe Pags, on his radio program today, suggested that Obama tries to nominate people less intelligent than he. He has succeeded, since his intellect comes into question every time he opens his mouth. Based upon that these three are morons and the American people should demand that they be fired. Of course this will not happen since it does not fit into Obama’s scheme of things. Pags also raised the issue that the unknown working day might have been presented to confuse the enemy. I doubt that. These three are so confused that they would not be able to devise such a plan.


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