The Left to the Right of the Extreme Left, which now finds fault with their choice for president, and the media continue to call the latest congressional fiasco, the Obama tax cut. There are no tax cuts. If passed, the bill will provide amidst a pig sty of pork, extension of the George W. Bush tax cuts of 2001. Remember him? George W. Bush who seems like a genius compared to the current White House occupant. Laura Bush had a great amount of class. The current first lady, just a BIG _ _ _. Additionally the bill if passed will not add to the deficit if all of the non related pork (sweeteners) are removed. This Congress has not heard the American people, or those members who have and and have been dis-elected will do anything to further destroy our economy in their reply to America’s demands for no MORE SPENDING. If the bill passes and is still filled with the EARMARKS, Obama condemned?, will he show some balls and veto the bill? But, if he does, how can he take credit for having his name on it?


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