Among all of the many lies promoted about Obamacare by its namesake, is the one about being able to keep your doctor. Obamacare is yet another assault on the medical profession adding to the damage already done by health maintenance organizations. Of over 4000 doctors polled in a recent survey, none were pleased with Obamacare citing the forced reduction in services, as determined by a board of bureaucrats, the reduction in time that physicians will be able to spend with patients, at a cost of quality, and the fees that will be allowed by medicare. The latter will force physicians, out of private practice, into large groups, into hospitals or into very early retirement. OBAMACARE HAS ALREADY BEEN REJECTED BY THE MAJORITY OF AMERICANS. IT IS TIME THAT CONGRESS DID THE JOB THEY WERE HIRED TO DO AND ENACT REASONABLE LEGISLATION AND NOT PET PROGRAMS PROMOTED BY THE PRESIDENT, HIS SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST/RADICAL CRONIES OR EARMARK LOVIN POLITICIANS LIKE HARRY PELOSI WHOSE AGENDA IS TO SELF GLORIFY.


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