The Obama’s still think that by winning (one must still wonder why) in 2008 they have won over the minds, the bodies, and the freedoms of the American people. No mandate was ever given to these current occupants of the White House, nor were they ever instructed by the American people to make decisions concerning what American’s consume, where and when. IT IS NOT ANY OF THE OBAMA’S BUSINESS. Now most likely concerned with her current image and distressed by her weight,, past, present and future, m. obama has ordained that there be no more bake sales in public schools and if allowed outside the school at sports events, the recipes for the cupcakes for instance will be at the discretion of the Secretary of Agriculture. This means if the Sec. dislikes the amount of salt or sugar in a recipe, the mother baking these cupcakes in her own home must tow the line regarding THE Sec’s and obama’s culinary decrees. As mentioned previously in an earlier post m.obama has no credentials in nutrition. Is this just another example of the obama’s intrusion into our lives. WILL ANYONE BE WILLING TO TELL BOTH OBAMAS THAT THEY WERE NOT ELECTED KING AND QUEEN. GEORGE THE III LEARNED IT THE HARD WAY IN 1776. IT IS TIME THE OBAMAS STOPPED TAKING AWAY OUR FREEDOMS. Most public schools rely upon bake sales to earn money to support sports and extracurricular programs. IT WOULD SEEM THAT THE OBAMAS WHOSE TWO GIRLS ATTEND A POSH PRIVATE WASHINGTON PRIVATE SCHOOL, COULD CARE LESS. HIS HIGHNESS IS EXPECTED TO SIGN THE “DOWN WITH CUPCAKES AND CHILDREN BILL” TODAY. It is time that the American public be appraised of how many calories are consumed at the White House daily by both the cast of characters that live there and those that attend the parties given. Then we shall see just some of the hypocrisy that exists in Washington.

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