This afternoon, Tom Harkin of Iowa prattled on and on in his defense of extending the Bush tax cuts for the so-called middle class and his opposition of extending them for ALL AMERICANS. He was particularly obnoxious with persistent anecdotes regarding rich people he knew who might have purchased expensive cars or jewelry or clothing. His time was an absolute waste of tax payers money that also came at the expense of enacting IMPORTANT legislation. The usual Liberal blame game issued forth without taking any responsibility for the ills perpetrated on America by the party that has been in power since 2006. Had he the opportunity to listen to himself, he would have been asleep after the first thirty seconds.While he expressed such displeasure with the ability of the “rich” to purchase expensive things, would his social justice/redistribution of wealth allow him more pleasure if the poor purchased expensive jewelry and cars with money taken from others? Perhaps this genius from the cornfields would like Mercedes, Arpege, Jareds, Apple, Armani, and Chanel to go out of business because they had the nerve to produce pricey things that the wealthy were able to purchase. Old Tom has been in Congress at least since 1993. Time he retired to the tractor, but not an EXPENSIVE ONE. One would wonder what GLASS HOUSE THIS GUY LIVES IN!


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