I watched the entire House evaluation of the report of the ethics committee. I saw Rangel repeatedly try to use his military service in Korea and what ever wounds he might have sustained as a result of his service for his country to justify his subsequent bad behavior. However, none of the good things detract from all of the suspect and bad that brought his case to the ethics committee. Rangel managed to wrangle some black and white congress people to his support, but it was clear from the onset that his democrat buddies would offer reprimand other than censure. The most disturbing support came from some one for whom I once had the greatest respect but New York cronyism allowed Peter King to support a fellow New Yorker, even one from the opposition. I find King’s support in favor of Rangel suspect and wonder what prompted this support. Was this just a gesture in a losing cause? Rangel used his office for personal gain, despite his concept of a non-corruptive effort. In order to put the House in order, clean the swamp in the words of the swamp leader, Pelosi, Rangel should be found guilty as charged and censored. If not, we are just dealing, again with illicit reparations from the Civil War. If Rangel is not censored, this and any other congress can never be cleansed from the corruption that they as a body has refused to recognize and appropriately deal with. If Charley Rangel was not censored, it will be not because he served his country in war, not because he provided earmarks for his Harlem constituents, but clearly because he is BLACK AND A DEMOCRAT. THE RACE CARD HAS ONCE AGAIN BEEN DRAWN AND PRESSED. AFFIRMATIVE ACTION AT ITS WORST!!!!!!Charley, stand in line at the tax office with Geithner, Obama’s Treasury as they find any excuse not to pay taxes as is expected from the rest of us. The bottom line is that Rangel did what he did because he believed he was above it all and could get away with it. Sorry, but GOOD TIME CHARLEY HAS BEEN CENSURED and by a vote well over 339 in favor for censure. He should have been expelled. Might there be more members of congress as culpable in the wings? Charley should retire to wherever and allow new, energetic, honest Harlem politicians to work for its people.


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