Obama continues to prove that he is the most inept, unprepared, probably illegitimate person to carry the title of President of this great country. It was, at least greater before he assumed control. I have not mentioned leadership, since never in the past almost 2 years has he ever evidenced the remotest suggestion of leadership. He has apologized to he world for what he alone, believes are the transgressions of this country. He still lives in a world prior to the advent of the Civil Rights successes along with his wife, waiting for reparations from the Civil War, promising “free things and stuff” to ignorant black people who gush over his every word. Despite the rising price of gasoline, this ignorant man has chosen to continue the ban on drilling for oil for another seven years. Is he just a puppet of Soros and the Leftists in this country or does he think these things up by himself. Republicans met with him yesterday wasting at least an hour of their time, and he concluded that there would be yet another meeting with his Tax Cheat Treasury Secretary in the lead. Obama still appears to be at meetings but will take no responsibility for the results. He still votes present if he votes at all, not wishing to stain his character further anticipating the election of 2012. America is fortunate that this moron will not return to the White House after 2012 rejected by all of the intelligent American people. Anyone who pays one dime to hear this individual without professorial portfolio lecture must be considered as stupid as the speaker they came to hear. He will not become moderate since his base will not allow it. He will not meet on equal grounds with the Republican leadership because he really believes he “walks on water.” Republicans must reject any and all compromises, and bring more promising legislation to the Congress after January 3, 2011. Obama must be treated in the manner he is most deserving, as a leftist whose only goal is the destruction of this country. There is still a lot of the work remaining for the Tea Party.

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