NBC and its presumed “left-wing” commentator, Matt Lauer, has disgraced the memory of all of those murdered in the Twin Towers, The Pentagon and Pennsylvania by Islamic Terrorists on 9/11/2001, by naming sharif el-gamal a person of the year. This individual is the developer of the Ground Zero Mosque which the majority of Americans do not wish to be completed in the area desired by the irrational liberal leftists, most of whom have been unable to use the term Islamic Terrorists. In the past similar acknowledgments have been provided by Time Magazine to such murderers as Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin, just to name a few, these people were given the spotlight because of how they badly effected the world and not to laud their performances. Matt Lauer has seemingly turned his back on fair and honest reporting, presumably taking his lead from the owner of G.E. There has been an indication that Freedomworks in support of The Tea Party, has called for a response to G.E. by not using its advertisers or products of which there are many. G.E has been a strong supporter of Obama’s Cap and Trade policy, with eyes on the green it can earn rather than how much good it can do for the earth. In concert, Johnson & Johnson, has been in support of Obamacare for some unknown reason. There is also a call for people to make other choices when it comes to purchasing products made by other companies producing similar products. NBC with its cable stations, seems to have become the spokesman for the Obama administration. I, for one will remove the number 4 from my remote, along with all of the cable numbers associated with the NBC affiliates. There are so many better and more reasonable choices.


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