The manner in which the Government sponsored TSA is physically and inappropriately examining people at our airports is a proven disgrace, but not necessarily a deterrent to terrorism. The Terrorists sitting back on their haunches in Iran, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Afghanistan and Pakistan must be pleased at all of the turmoil and unrest they have caused. Under these circumstances, clearly they have won. It is time to use profiling and questioning and evidence of citizenship to determine who best to put through the disturbing, irrational examinations to which Americans are now being subjected. The same use of profiling must be used at our borders as requested by Arizona and now being requested by both borders states and others subjected to the financial burdens resulting from the influx of illegal aliens. The only reason that Obama has blocked such practices is that he will have to depend upon their votes in 2012. THEY CANNOT VOTE, MR. OBAMA. THEY ARE HERE ILLEGALLY. With that in mind, it has been proposed that any one running for president in 2012 must present a legitimate birth certificate, and the current occupant of the White House should not receive a pass in that regard.

The use of the body scans at airports might at first glance seem like a good idea, as long as those TSA people know how to properly operate them so that people get a minimum of radiation. I doubt their ability to do so. There are those people who choose not to have their private parts investigated by TSA who have had treatment for cancer and who should not go through the body scan. A female airline employee was recently embarrassed by a TSA worker who made her remove a prosthesis she wore, having undergone a mastectomy for breast cancer. The problem is that the TSA agents are not bright enough to know a terrorist when they meet one. All of these rules are not applicable in flights originating in other countries. If all passengers are not required to deplane, who knows what might occur? If supposed terrorists use body cavities to hide explosives, how will those assigned to sort them out explain their job description?


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