In order to justify the absolutely absurd results of the trial that ended yesterday, the White House applauded it as a victory. The fact that this murderer was convicted of only 1 of 200 charges, it provided little comfort for all of the people killed in the bombing of the U.S. embassy in 1998 in Africa or their friends and family who suffered through the trial with the rest of America. Clearly this was not the case for the occupants of the White House. Despite Obama’s shoot from the mouth promise during one of his many campaigns(hard to tell when he is not campaigning), the chances of Guantanamo being closed in the next few years is remote. The probability is that those their will stay for an indefinite period of time. The murderer should have been tried by a military tribunal as an act of war against our country, along with all of the terrorists unemcumbered by of all of the political correctness forced upon the rest of us by the limited brain capacity of the Liberal Left.


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