I for one welcome any reasonable effort on the part of the TSA to protect me and all of the other innocent people who choose to fly “the ONCE friendly skies”. The most recent choices have set off a firestorm among those who accept them and the rest who complain about the Constitutionality of a search without reason. While I understand the quasi loss of another freedom, it is being done with the best interest of those who fly as well as those innocents on the ground.

The option of a whole body scan avoids the hands on potential groping of men and woman who might find that objectionable because their love handles might be exposed. Freedoms no, Vanities yes.The current alternative would be a whole body scan, and if the amount of radiation is explained on the basis of frequent and infrequent flying, and if minimal, one is left with the choice of exposing hips and love handles to the observers. I would suggest to TSA that all “pat downs” be videotaped to allow the passenger rights of complaint if desired. I would insist that TSA people be forwarned not to discuss physical attributes of those patted down less they lose their jobs. In that respect all pictures saved from the whole body scans must be secured so as not to show up on UTube at some later date. I say this not as a possibility but a probability.

There can be no exceptions regarding both options. Janet Napolitano, head of Homeland Security, and lacking original thought, is unable to answer any question regarding the inspection of Muslim women. Actually, she is just a figurehead unable to answer any question asked of her. Muslim woman and for that matter all women should have the right to be examined in private, but the veil and oversized garb must be removed to the satisfaction of the examiner without exception. Their rights are no different from any of the rest of us. We do not have to be reminded that Muslim terrorists destroyed the Twin Towers and have continuously expressed the desire to destroy all infidels as they see all of us.

Muslim men or any men. for that matter who choose to wear flowing robes or turbans must agree to have them removed an examined if they will not undergo the whole body scan. The terrorists will resort to anything that achieves their purpose, so their use of small children as foils or even human body cavities to conceal weapons must always be considered.

The bottom line is if the potential passenger refuses to participate in either security option, they can walk or drive to their destination rather than create chaos on an airplane.

Actually, there is one other option. That they would be willing to fly with all passengers who have refused either security measure. I would doubt if you could find a pilot to fly that plane.

Glenn Beck made a very weak argument against the current TSA procedures using conspiracy theory suggestions because Chernoff has a consultant relationship with companies producing the Whole Body Scanners. Sadly, he,(Beck) fails to offer a reasonable alternative. I think Beck let all of his viewers, readers and listeners down, and for this I am very disappointed in him. Perhaps Beck should fly with those pilots ready to take the chance I suggested or stay home.


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